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Equipment and special equipment for passenger service

Passenger self-propelled ladders

Passenger ramp for optimal and comfortable boarding and disembarkation of passengers on board the aircraft when the door is located at an altitude of 2.45 to 5.80 meters. A reliable construction made of durable materials will ensure the durability of the use of the equipment. And the availability of parts guarantees comfortable and easy maintenance of the ladder.

Trailed passenger ladders

Passenger air ramps are an essential attribute of any airport. The passenger ramp serves for boarding and disembarking, passengers and crew, into the cabin of the aircraft. Modern airports are usually equipped with both self-propelled ladders and towed ones. In turn, towed ladders can be self-propelled and without.

To ensure a comfortable landing in various types of aircraft, the height of the flight of stairs and the upper platform of the ladder varies in different ranges, depending on the model of the ladder. According to the method of lifting and lowering the stairway and the platform, ladders are divided into two types – mechanical and hydraulic.

An orange flashing beacon, marker lights, lighting of the gallery (stairway), landing pad, and a light for the docking point with the aircraft are installed on all ladders.

Trailed ladder

Luggage and container trolleys

A container trolley is an indispensable tool for servicing and transporting luggage at the airport. The LAS-1 enterprise offers functional transportation trolleys used as part of a road train, as well as manually moved.

The features of this equipment include:

availability of convenient platforms for containers and pallets;
complete set with a towing driver with a parking brake;
possibility of coupling up to 4-6 trolleys in one road train;
the presence of roller tracks for convenient movement of containers on the platform;
installed plates for fixing luggage during transportation.

The maximum load capacity of container trucks can reach from 2 to 7 tons.

Luggage trolley – tbo-af1500m
Luggage trolley – tb-af1500
Container trolley – cd-sdl

Apron buses

This is a bus for moving along the airfield apron, delivering passengers from the terminal building to the ramp of the receiving aircraft, or from the plane disembarking passengers to the terminal

The first and most important difference from a regular bus is the width of the body. The fact is that the apron bus requires a large capacity. Sometimes there are about 200 passengers, and naturally a narrow bus will not suit them.

The second difference between apron buses are the doors. There are a lot more of them, and they are also wide. (so that there is no crush during the exit or boarding the bus).

The third difference is the low floors. The low floor is great for passengers who cannot move on their own, or do it with the help of special devices.

The apron bus has a radio station, its own dispatcher and a scoreboard with flights so as not to lose sight of the plane.