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Bird Protection Equipment

Protection from birds of the airport, runway, aircraft.

Maximum success in the fight against damage caused by birds can be achieved with an integrated approach, when organizational measures and the use of traditional means, such as pyrotechnics, are combined with the use of modern technical means of protection that affect the various senses of birds. Bioacoustic devices and systems that reproduce alarms and distress signals of repelled birds, cries of predators, rifle shots and other sounds affecting birds are widely used on flying fields today. The main feature of airports as protected objects is their large area, moreover, having no obstacles to the propagation of sound and light.



Bioacoustic devices for repelling birds

The devices reproduce the cries of alarm and distress of frightened birds, as well as the cries of predators.
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Propane guns to scare away birds

Devices of this category produce loud sounds simulating a shot during operation.
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Dynamic repellents

Bioacoustic and ultrasonic bird repellents perfectly complement.

Laser Bird Repellents

The effect of scaring is achieved due to the rapid movement of the light spot on various surfaces. Birds perceive this spot as a moving object and leave the protected area.

Antiprisadnye means

Spikes, other mechanical and chemical means that make it difficult or exclude the landing of birds on various objects. Safe for humans and animals. They can be used outside and indoors.

Visual means of protection

Imitation of objects perceived by birds as a source of threat. High similarity with the natural prototype due to the use of high-quality materials and moving parts. No mains or battery power is required.

Professional Ultrasonic Bird Repellents

Due to their power, these devices are able to protect significant areas (up to 300-600 sq.m.). They can be used indoors, since they do not create discomfort for a person.

Other devices and accessories

Various devices that do not fall into other categories. Some of them do not have an independent application, but can be used as part of a repelling complex. Some of the funds can be used not only for protection from birds, but also for other purposes.