To ensure the uninterruptable and effective work of eqipment, the periodic inspection and qualified service are needeed. The qualitative and reliable service guarantees the proper and uninterruptable work of your equipment. The"ELEKTROMEHANIZĀCIJA" offers to you the high qualified services, maintenance and repair of the diesel gensets.

and other power stations running on benzine and gas either, at the facility on your teritory or in our service station. We apply only original spare parts and components. For the customers who hassigned the contract concerning the maintenance and for owners of GENMAC equipment we offer 24 h service without weekends. Our aim is to provide the quality services, long- term mutually beneficial cooperations as well.

The professional and regular technical maintenance and service:

— extends the working life of gensets;
— makes possible to sight the wear of parts timely, to replace them and to avoid the downtime of equipment;
— guarantee safe and effective work of equipment

Gensets installation, repair and services are performed by certificated specialists of company, which qualification and knowledge are confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

You can get more detailed information about contract concerning services and maintenance:

Phone number:
+371 27888831;
+371 67139919 (phone/fax).

Katlakalna 9b,
Rīga, LV-1073