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Equipment and special equipment for runway maintenance

MAGNUM PLUS vacuum sweeper

It is designed for cleaning highways, city roads, squares and airfields by sweeping and sucking garbage into its own bunker. With the help of a front rail and a gun on a hose with a coil, the roadway and road structures are washed. For work at airports, a magnetic beam and a beam for collecting fires are installed.


    • cleaning of the carriageway by sweeping and suction of garbage, cleaning of urns and storm sewer wells, cleaning of garbage, leaves, grass outside the carriageway using a manual suction sleeve;
    • washing of road structures with a high-pressure washing unit;
    • collection of milled asphalt during road works.

Technical specifications


Hopper volume, m3

up to 8,2

Sweeping width, mm

up to 5000

Weight of the loaded estimate, kg

10 000

Turbine air flow velocity, m3/min


Tank volume of the humidification system, l


Operating speed, km/h

up to 30

Transmission type


Wheel formula


Engine type




hydrostatic drive from the chassis engine is used both for moving the machine and for driving attachments, turbines and sweeping units. A step-down gearbox of Scarab’s own production is installed on the machine. The direction of movement of the machine during operation (forward/backward) is controlled by a lever from a small remote control located next to the steering wheel;

the operator’s console for controlling all equipment is located in the center of the cab to ensure ease of control and accessibility, the speed of the machine during operation changes continuously and smoothly when the accelerator pedal is pressed. You can use cruise control;

suction turbine – the horizontal arrangement of the suction turbine, which creates a vacuum, in the upper part of the hopper, allows the most efficient use of the inner space of the hopper for estimates. Turbine rotation speed adjustable up to 3200 rpm;

the exhaust air filter is located in the upper inner part of the hopper and has an area of 1.5 m2 and the possibility of easy maintenance;
the hopper for collecting estimates is made entirely of high-quality stainless steel. The guarantee against through corrosion is 12 years;

the 2500 l water tank is made of high-quality steel, the additional 1600 l tank is made of fiberglass;

additional washing system for the side strip on the left and right;

suction sleeve – the design of a manual suction sleeve located on a rotary manipulator allows cleaning of hard-to-reach places. The length of the hose is 4 m.