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Equipment and special equipment for aircraft maintenance

Bypass pin for locking the front rack of the aircraft

During the towing of the aircraft from the parking place and to the parking places, the issue of locking the front landing gear arises. This issue is solved with the help of a special locking system for the front landing gear of the aircraft. The lock is carried out manually by installing a locking finger. Each type of aircraft has its own locking fingers.

Bypass pin to lock the front rack of the aircraft Airbus А-318/319/320/321/340
Bypass pin to lock the front rack of the aircraft В-737-600 to 900
Bypass pin to lock the front rack of the aircraft B 737-100 to 500

Aviation resistant anti-rollback pad

Aviation thrust pads (rubber) are designed for use at airports as a rollback agent during aircraft parking.
They are supplied with a yellow reflective strip.

Aerodrome signal cone weighted

For successful logistics and management of such a complex complex as an airport, mobile signaling systems are also used, which are airfield cones. These cones are operated in huge open areas, blown by all winds. Therefore, aerodromes use cones for airports with an additional weighting, rather than conventional road cones. The cone, which has a weight of 3.3 kg in the standard weighted version, is additionally equipped with a weighting plate made of particularly durable and elastic plastic weighing 1.2 kg. The total weight of the cone for the airport is 4.5 kg. The center of gravity is located at its lowest point, which, together with its streamlined aerodynamic shape, gives it maximum stability, even when exposed to the air flow from jet engines of airliners.

The movement of airliners on taxiways and their placement on aircraft maintenance sites is impossible to imagine without airfield cones. Their sufficient height of 750 mm, bright orange-crimson color perfectly signals pilots and airfield services about the place of obstacles, even in a blizzard, during snow charges. The operating temperature range of the cones is quite wide and is -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. When in contact with the landing gear of an airplane or airfield tractors, the cone easily crumples and quickly restores its original

Towing drivers for aircraft

Towing drivers are designed for towing aircraft on the territory of airfields. A wide range of towing vehicles of various designs (including universal and folding ones) provides application for almost all types of aircraft and helicopters operated worldwide. The company’s specialists have extensive experience and are ready to provide support in solving non-standard tasks and special orders. Our assortment includes products from world manufacturers: JMS AG (Germany), Aero Specialties (USA). The drivers are made of high-quality materials, according to modern technologies. Powder coating of the product is used, which ensures high resistance of surfaces to the influence of hydraulic fluids and mechanical influences. The design meets all safety requirements and provides convenience when working. A well-established logistics system allows you to deliver the required amount of equipment in the most expeditious time. Replacement adapters (adapters), spare parts and consumables (shear bolts) are provided.